The Artists Centre was founded by Lorna Markillie and her late husband Patrick Collinge. Originally providing an online showcase combining both their art and photography it has since grown to provide a comprehensive venue of imagery. Now The Artists Centre provides a showcase and marketplace for artists and photographers .

About the founders

Patrick Collinge was a renowned sailing and travel photographer. His nautical and activity images over many years have been a major contribution towards a number of award winning travel brochures for the sailing holiday company Sunsail. He was also great at portraiture with his wonderful ability in capturing the personality of the subject by using effective lighting, backdrops, and poses and, of course, using his own unique personality to make his subjects at ease.

Lorna Markillie  has been a photographer years and travels to some very interesting places. Lorna regularly adds her unique images and artwork to The Artists Centre, LornaMarkillieArt and Sunpix collections.